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We are located in New Orleans, LA., USA, and regularly service customers in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. We are available to travel to any of the US States and International locations.

Our rates are quoted or estimated for each job, please contact us for pricing details. We accept cash, or credit cards, and may accept invoicing terms for commercial assignments.


Terms of Doing Business with Us:

By doing business with us you agree to these terms.

Our surveys and the content of the reports we issue are based on the findings of our inspections, and our interpretation of those findings based on experience, applicable industry trade standards, laws and regulations concerning the subject asset.  

During the course of a survey many areas of vessels or assets may be obstructed or not visible for inspection due to many varying factors.  Our surveys are based on the information that is provided, visible and accessible to us during our inspection.  We do not probe, prod, pry, unscrew or perform any other action which may be construed as causing damage to the vessel or asset being inspected.  Thus our inspections are limited inherently in scope.  

Our surveys are not a warranty, or guaranty of the condition, seaworthiness, or performance of a vessel, its equipment or the subject asset.  

The surveyor and Knoll Marine Services assume no responsibility for negligence, errors, or omissions on our part, or for any vessel defects, and shall be held harmless from any liability involving our survey.  

Should there be a dispute concerning the content or quality of our work all parties agree that Knoll Marine Services and our surveyor shall be absolved of liability upon the refund of the survey fee excluding any expenses. 

Terms of Invoicing: If the account is not paid in full within 45 days from the date of service the account will be referred to an attorney for collections. The party whom employs our services agrees that, if the account is referred to an attorney for collection, they will pay all costs for collection, including attorney's fees, which are hereby stipulated to be a minimum of $2,000. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States of America, and the State of Louisiana.